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The website is shutting down as of 12/31/2018 after 11 years of helping musicians find Luthiers in their area to help them with their stringed instrument setups, repairs, restorations and refinishing. It was the first search engine service we utilized to establish our 5 Star rating. No new reviews can be left through that sight so Google My business is what our clients now use for leaving us reviews and for future customers to find us. The list below was copied from the site but the   5 STARS next to each name did not transfer over. 

Reviews of Arpeggio Music Repair Shop Drexel Hill PA

 – by john rockwell

My beloved 1960 reissue Les Paul special fell down the steps (in the case) cracking the headstock straight thru front to back and angled from the nut to the top of the truss rod bell. I handed my baby over to the pros at Arpeggio music two short weeks later Ron put in my hands a beautiful repaired headstock. I could not see the crack… I could not feel where it was .The repair was invisible he even refinished the truss rod bell even though it was covered by the truss rod cover. A first rate repair a first rate price in over 20 years playing Ron Kayfield is the ONLY person who touches my guitars I have set up my own guitars for years but not any more he plain just does it better a very satisfied customer John Rockwell

 – by Tom Dale

I have several instruments that needed repair for different reasons. The scope of the repairs varied but included repairing a hairline crack in my old J-45, restoring my old metal Dobro, repairing neck issues and replacing the bridge on an acoustic electric, correcting neck issues on my Tele and Jaguar and so on. My Les Paul is headed his way soon for a headstock repair. From my expierence the workmanship was simply EXCELLENT !!. Aside from his skills, Ron is extremely knowledgable to the extent that you describe the issue with the instrument in speaking with him and he’ll tell you what he thinks the problem could be. I would not buy a high end instrument without having Ron take a look at it ..period! I will NEVER take an instrument for repair, service or setup to anyone but Ron. My rating is a 15 on a scale of 10 !! Tom Dale Garnet Valley, PA

 – by Jim

I was blown away by the skilled setup and repair work on my Les Paul. I can honestly say they will continue to receive my business over any other luthier I have used to set up my collection of instruments. I highly recommend their professional services to anybody.

 – by Phil

I am so delighted to have learned about Ron Kayfield. When I acquired a NOS Taylor GS-7 in late summer, it was nearly unplayable above the fourth fret (I am a fingerstyle player). Taylor advised me to get a neck reset (they pay for it under warranty) and some other work and I used one of the references given. The result after 2 weeks was only fair and I later discovered the neck and NOT been reset, the truss rod was changed and the neck now had a back bow, probably a short-cut way to make the action in the lower positions better. Nothing else was touched and I got charged for the truss rod adjustment, something I could have done myself. And it wasn’t even right. This time I was able to contact Ron, get a thorough evaluation a day later, and in less than a week my guitar is more beautiful than I dared hope for. Ron did the neck reset, fitted a new bone saddle, polished some sharp edges and cleaned up the nut, re-adjusted the truss rod, and plolished out what looked like a dimple repair done by the origianl shop I bought the guitar from. NOw I have perfect action, the intonation is even better, the bone saddle looks great and the buffed area looks like brand new. All the work was exquisitely done and I am now in love with this guitar! I will be taking my Lowden to Ron next, to have a general tune-up and see what needs to be done after 15 years of playing. I have no doubt Ron will perform his magic again, and at a great price too. I have the highest regard and highest recommendations for Ron, I am sure he is the best in the Philadelphia area.

 – by Ralph Vitello

Hey Ron and Marsha, Just had an Arpeggio Music Moment here… This guitar has never looked, felt, sounded and played this good, ever. Man, do you do nice work my friend and now I know what you meant when you said “now play it.” I just might keep it a bit longer. lol! Can’t wait to get my Start back and I promise to endorse your shop whenever I’m out playing or just out watching other bands. P.S. The work you did on my P-Bass deserves another email endorsement… Thank you Ron and Marsha, Sincerely, Ralph Vitello


I had a bridge repair/reattachment and a partial fret dressing done. Ron and Marsha were very courteous and professional and did excellent work. Would recommend to anyone! Glad I met them!

 – by CARMEN 

Ron is by far the best. His work is top shelf, prices are more than reasonable. Ron stands by his work and as an added bonus he is extremly knowledable and a pleasure to talk with. Many Thanks Carmen

 – by BetteAnne Camagna

I could not be any happier with Arpeggio Music Shop!! The BEST service ever! Ron was super nice and his wife who took my initial call was so friendly. They have a wonderful business and treat your guitar like their own! My Taylor was repaired by Ron and it sounds better than the day i recieved it as a gift from my husband! I will bring my guitar back for regular tune-ups and if you go to Ron and Arpeggio , you will love it too! What a great experience!

 – by Rich Gallo

As a 65 year old left handed guitarist I have been playing for many years now, but without the luxury of so many right handers: I could never just pick up any ol’ guitar & start playing. I currently own a left handed Martin D-18 that was a tad lacking in hand comfort. Additionally, I wanted a simple under saddle electric pickup installed. Martin didn’t want to change the action, but they did recommend Arpeggio Music Repair Shop to do the work……I have to tell anybody who is reading this that I never had any idea how comfortable my hand could feel on a fretboard. Ron Kayfield (store owner) adjusted & conditioned my Martin, & installed the under saddle pickup. All of the work was done perfectly & his rates were certainly reasonable…Now my lefthanded Martin D-18 is one to be cherished! I couldn’t possibly be more satisfied than I am: It looks great & it plays beautifully- Better than I ever knew was possible…..

 – by Jesse

Ron got all of my guitars playing like never before. Highly Recomended

 – by John Danese

My latest pride and joy addition! 1995 Fender American Deluxe with Custom Arpeggio compound radius neck. Thank you Ron E. Kayfield for making me this custom neck, putting this together and setting it up so perfectly for me! The Custom Arpeggio compound radius neck makes this guitar the absolute favorite in my large collection of guitars. I highly recommend Ron E Kayfield at Arpeggio Music Repair shop for any custom built guitars, repairs, setups and neck replacements! The work is always done in a professional, speedy and precise manner! An true Artisan Luthier! Thanks Ron!, I never knew a guitar could play so well!

 – by Jack Ferraioli

I have a ’62 Tele that hadn’t been serviced in almost 30 years. Quite frankly, I just didn’t know who to trust with it. I brought it in, Ron adjusted the neck, intonation, pickups, dressed the frets, cleaned up the electronics and the results were amazing, it has never played and sounded so good. He did the same for my 70’s LP Custom including some inlay repairs, and again it felt like I had bought a new guitar when I got it back. He has also restored my vintage Ibanez Artist, installed a saddle mic and did some cosmetic neck repair on my Martin D-28′ and is currently setting up a new Strat for me. His attention to detail is impeccable, he loves each and every instrument as if it were his own. His prices are fair and he is the most trustworthy tech I’ve ever met. Appointments are flexible, turnaround time is great. Give Ron a shot at your next repair, I’ll guarantee you’ll never trust your instrument to another tech once you’ve experienced Arpeggio.

 – by Amanda Mathew

Ron and Marsha are the best! In moments of looking at your guitar, he knows exactly what it needs. This is my second time using Ron’s services, and both times have been incredible experiences. He takes time to understand what sort of musician you are, and what your needs are. He won’t sell you anything you don’t need, but will fix things that you didn’t even know needed it! I brought both my Strat and my Martin in, and they both play better than new. The prices are fair, and Ron and Marsha are wonderful people. Do yourself a favor and bring your guitars to them!

 – by Scott

Ron and Marsha did an excellent job setting up my classical guitar. Prompt service, quick turnaround, good rates, quality work, nice folks. Thanks!

 – by Brian

Thank you so much for the great work you’ve done with my new guitar. It sounds so wonderfully in tune and doesn’t hurt anymore to play! What more could you ask for? 🙂 Thanks again. You do great work.

 – by Bob Cecchini

Ron worked on my 62 Hofner bass which had both playing and finish problems because of it’s age. He evaluated the bass and went over what would be required to restore it to near perfect re-stored condition; which he did within two weeks at a very reasonable price. I would recommend Ron’s Arpeggio shop and his skills without any hesitation or reservations as one of the best on the Philly/ DelMarVa area!

 – by Bill Gagliardi

Staff was great. Ron worked on both my PRS SE Custom and my Ovation Acoustic and were recieved back in perfect condition. He identified all of my issues and worked dilligently to get the job done. The experience was great and felt personable and I greatly appreciated how everything was handled. Ron is professional and friendly, I was a happy customer. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

 – by Pete Hrubar

Ron and Marsha are great to work with. Ron has worked on many of my Gibson Les Paul’s. Most recently Ron turned my 1987 Gibson Les Paul Cherry Burst finish in to the Slash VOS reissue. This guitar looks amazing and as if it came from the Gibson Custom Shop. I was very happy with how fast the service was and the quality of the work. I would not go anywhere else to have my guitars worked on. Once again amazing work Ron and Marsha! Thank you!

 – by Joe

Ron and Marsha did an excellent job setting up my 330 Ric. Prompt service, quick turnaround, good rates, quality work, nice folks. Thanks!

 – by Bill White

Ron and Marsha are just a wonderful couple to work with. Ron has done all of the work on all of my guitars for the last five years, including on my Gibson L-5 and my Gibson Les Paul Custom. Most recently he did a complete fret job replacing the old nickel frets with steel frets, he resurfaced the entire neck, replace my bridge which was warped, and did a beautiful setup. I plays beautiful and looks beautiful, because he always polishes so nicely before returning it to me. What I really like about Ron is that he is first a musician and respects the nuances of how a musician feels about his instrument. He is a great listener and allows you to articulate what you want from the instrument and only then does he come up with great options to achieve your goal. He then executes that with such competence and precision. The guitar just plays wonderfully! I won’t go to anyone else. On top of that, Ron is a really nice guy which just makes it an all around great experience! Thanks Ron – you’re the best!

 – by Keith

Have sent 5 guitars so far, Ron is the best luthier we have run into. I manage the career of my daughter, Kristen, and she is very picky. Ron has been the only person who can work on her guitars that we can trust and when Kristen gets them back…she says that they play great! No small task! Thank you Ron, I’m actually packing up another one to send to you as we speak…

 – by Ralph Vitello

I have been sending all of my acoustic and electric instruments only to Arpeggio Music for sometime now, probably going on 5+ years now. Ron has never ever disappointed me and in fact has always made my instruments sound and play much better always exceeding my expectations. Ron will explain to me in detail what is needed, overlooked and what should be done to make the instrument sound and play better. He’s an amazing luthier who pays close attention to every detail. I am so thankful & appreciative that Ron is my repair person. Ron and Marsha, who also does beautiful work in the shop, are meticulous about their work and they produce an excellent 5 STAR service each and every time. Thank you Ron & Marsha!

 – by Chris Purcell

I brought my two Martin Guitars to Ron and he took such fantastic care of my very precious instruments. Instantly he saw the issues I was having and described everything to me in detail (things I didn’t even notice), When I picked up my guitars and took them home, it was heaven to my ears. For many years, I ignored the issues, but the best decision I ever made was to bring them to a true professional who really cared about my guitars and really brought them back to perfection. Ron & Marsha were both a delight!!

 – by Lawrence Beaner II

I wouldn’t trust my axes with anyone else! Ron/Arpeggio Music is a godsend! Better repair & maintenance delivered in a most timely, ontime manner can’t be found anywhere! I have to mention a fair price as well!

 – by Ed

Ron has set up and made repairs on a number of my acoustic guitars. He takes the time to explain what the issues are, what options are available, what the cost will be and about how long it will take. He is a pleasure to deal with and he is local to boot!

 – by David Wilson

Arpeggio Music is awesome! They fixed my Martin HD28. There was a crack in the headstock that occurred while I was traveling and they fixed it so it looks like new. There were also some problems with the saddle that were diagnosed and corrected. Arpeggio is professional and friendly! Take your instrument for any and all repairs. I highly recommend it!

 – by Daniel Robinson

I had Ron do a setup on my Martin acoustic bass guitar and on my six-string. He did brilliant work! I am looking forward to having him work on my other guitars. He and Marsha are really great people to work with! The highest recommendation!

 – by Larry

I just finished with Ron working on my guitar. Arpeggio Music (Ron) has outstanding customer service, and goes over and beyond to take care of your guitar. He goes the extra mile to clean, adjust, and fix your guitar. About a year ago, I took a different guitar to a popular Luthier in Delaware because my in-laws are from DE and it was easy for me to drop it off. I was not a fan; repairs were overpriced and had his techs do the work. Ron (with his experience) does all the work for a fair price you can’t beat. As you try to learn the guitar you need to battle your brain telling your hands what to do. Don’t make it worse and have a guitar that is not professionally setup or that has fret damage. It’s wood and metal and they need to be adjusted to play better. I cannot say enough about Ron and his dedication to his craft. I don’t write reviews often, but when I find a person whom provides outstanding service, at an affordable cost, it deserves a great review. Thank you Ron!

 – by Lisa A. Ferrara

I was directed to Mr. Kayfield to have my Martin Dreadnought Junior repaired. He immediately addressed several problems, and the repairs were flawless. His advice on mantaining humidity control on guitars was extremely helpful. Later, I gave him an antique violin and banjo to repair. The banjo was initially “repaired” by a manager at a music store in an attempt to make it playable. Mr. Kayfield was horrified since that repair was detrimental to the value of the instrument. Mr. Kayfield then adjusted and repaired the banjo to make it playable, and corrected the damage that the first “repair” caused. The violin was complicated to repair because there were many cracks and issues, but Mr. Kayfield took care of everything. From my experience, Mr. Kayfield is simply the best. He is patient and takes his time to do things right. If he sees something that was not addressed by the customer, he will repair the problem. He communicates well by keeping in contact and letting you know of the progress. My advice to everyone is this: Do not trust a manager of a music store to chop away at your antique instrument. Take it to Mr. Kayfield.

 – by Paul

I found Arpeggio Music through Martin’s website for certified service centers. I brought my DC-16GTE in for a neck reset. The humidified I had did not do its job and the heal started to separate from the body. Ron reset the neck, sanded the saddle and adjusted the action, changed the strings, cleaned the guitar and electronics, and provided me with a more efficient humidifier. Ron was super friendly and fun to talk to. The entire process was easy and worry free. I was always kept up to date with frequent emails. I will definitely go back and even though it’s a solid 45 minutes from where I live, I have found my new guitar servicing center. I was never really crazy with how this guitar played, but now I love it. Finding someone you can trust with your guitars is truly priceless. Thanks Ron!

 – by dan d

ron is the real deal. there’s just no other to put it, and i don’t ever use that phrase lightly. when he holds a guitar it seems to become part of him. he just finished setting up (and performing many other excellent tweaks) to my old jackson RR-3 and it has never, ever played this well. i didn’t even know it could play this well! very reasonable prices, great service. ron and marsha really know their stuff and they’re fun to talk to. thanks, ron!

 – by Mark N

Ron and Marsha are friendly and professional. I had my new Martin guitar set up and it came out exactly the way I wanted it. I would highly recommend their services.