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Welcome to the Arpeggio Music Stringed Instrument Repair Shop and Ron E. Kayfield boutique music store website.

Ron E. Kayfield was one of the original founding members of the band Waysted.

We sell Arpeggio handmade custom instruments as well as vintage guitars. Arpeggio is Ron’s line of guitars. They are made by him and are the rarest of guitars. No two are the same due to being handmade.

We are not a mega store, but what we do have is in the realm of music memorabilia & collectibles, mostly from Ron’s days with Waysted from 1983 to 1984.


Ron E. Kayfield Instrumental CD “Unleashed”

We also sell Ron’s original music from past & recent musical projects. There is limited NOS (new old stock) of his CD Ron E. Kayfield’s Saints & Sinners project from 1989.  Most music is only available through download. The intro trailer song is “Evil Stain” from the Unleashed CD. It was written by Ron Kayfield & Buddy Cash.

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For information about Ron’s guitar repair company go to Arpeggio Music Stringed Instrument Repair Shop.

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